Heart Sounds Yoga

“Heart Sounds Yoga” connects “the sound current” with “hatha yoga” for children to tune into their wise, inner voice for healing and balance. We provide yoga and meditation classes and training for children and parents. Children with a range of physical and developmental and other associated behavioral needs benefit greatly by individual or group classes. Yoga helps them experience increased self-regulation, increased physical flexibility and coordination within their range of ability as well as giving them increased self- esteem, relaxation and a sense of belonging. Our multi-faceted classes cover all the needs and interests of the children in a fun, co-creative and spontaneous way.

Flyer – Be Me Be Here

This empowering 6-hour course provides a beginner yoga and meditation practice to build your child’s identity, to discover “Who Am I” and is a practice is for children 5-10 years of age. It supports healthy emotional development, reduces stress and increases focus and gives a general sense of well-being and balance. You can support your children by establishing a short daily routine using yoga, breath and meditation.

Learn more at heartsoundsyoga.ca. To register for the September course email Anamda at info@heartsoundsyoga.ca.