Children's Case Management

Children’s Case Management:
Eligibility and Registration

Service Coordination provides information, support, and guidance to children who are diagnosed with a developmental disability and/or Pervasive developmental disorders (Autism spectrum).


Your child must meet the criteria to be eligible for developmental services, including Children’s Case Management at Service Coordination:

Criterion A

The child is at a sub-average general intellectual functioning level. In most cases, the scores of the child in the psychological assessment are below the first percentile.

Criterion B

The child has significant limitations in adaptive functioning in at least 2 of the following skill areas: communication, self-care, home living, social/interpersonal skills, use of community resources, self-direction, functional academic skills, work, leisure and health and safety.

Criterion C

The onset must occur before the age of 18 years.

Please refer to the DSM-V, 2015 edition for more information pertaining to the eligibility criteria related to developmental disorders.

Supporting documents:

If your child meets the criteria above, you must share supporting documents with Service Coordination that confirm a diagnosis of a developmental disability and/or autism spectrum disorder.

To confirm the diagnosis of your child, please share one of the following:

  • Assessment from a psychologist
  • Assessment from a pediatrician


At this step, you have confirmed your child is eligible and you have sent  us the supporting documents by email, mail or fax. You are ready to register for Children’s Case Management.

Option A: Contact Service Coordination

When you first contact Service Coordination, you will be connected to a Children’s Intake Worker.

The Children’s Intake Worker will assist you with completing the registration process. Make sure to have all the supporting documents with you.

Please call Service Coordination at 613-748-1788 or send an email at An employee at the reception will direct your call to the Children’s Intake Worker.

Option B: Complete the Online Registration Form

If you prefer, you may also choose to register by filling out the on-line registration form.

A Children’s Intake Worker will contact you after you have completed the online registration form.

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